Below are a series of questions and answers we’ve received from competitors, plus a few more to help you have as much info as possible on race day! If you still have questions, feel free to email Race Director, Julianna Barbieri at Julianna@ManukaSEM.com or post a message in the Facebook Group

Q. Will there be food & water stations?

A. Yes, there will be water, oranges and bananas at every transition. The Jamestown portage will have Hammer Gels and water. If you like goo or shot blocks, we recommend you bring them. However, this is a trash free event so do not leave any wrappers along the course or in the transition area.

Q. If I am racing as an individual, how do I get my running shoes across the Sakonnet river during the paddle board leg for the second run without getting them wet?

A. We recommend you attach a small backpack or bag to your paddle board.  You can then use that backpack or paddle board to slip your shoes into and transport your shoes across the river without getting them wet.

Q. If I am racing as an individual, have rented a kayak, but will have my running sneakers when I get to Narragansett and my support team is meeting me in Westerly at the finish what happens to my running sneakers? Is there any way to get those transported to the finish line?

A. We will have two bag drops throughout the race. One will be at the start line. So if you’re wearing a sweatshirt and you want to leave it before you start the race, we will take it to the finish in Westerly. The second bag drop will be after the kayak leg in Narragansett. Again, if you have a pair of sneakers or shirt, it will be brought to the finish line in Westerly.

Q. Will my kayak pass inspection?

A. We will be very strict about what kayaks are allowed to be used for the kayak leg. You will be required to submit verification of your kayak to race management before race day. We urge you to read through our post on Kayaks for Open Water to determine if your kayak will be allowed: http://race-the-state.com/kayaks-for-open-water/

Q. Can I use a prone paddle board?

A. Yes we are allowing prone paddle boards, however they will be scored in a different division.

Q. Will the prone paddlers be faster than the me on my SUP?

A. Prone paddlers will be scored in a separate division. There are too many variables to properly answer if the prone padddlers are faster than traditional stand up paddlers, however this article does a nice job of explaining the differences http://www.ridingbumps.com/2015/04/01/which-is-faster-prone-or-sup/

Q. Will there be support boats, marks or people on the water making sure we go the right way?

A. Yes, there will be support boats on both the paddle board and kayak portion of the race. The support boats will be flying an orange flag. On the kayak leg there will be race marking the entrance to Mackeral Cove. On packet pick up, we will let all competitors know what boats will be on each leg and provide information on any in-water buoys.

Q: What time can we drop equipment off?
As long as the equipment is there before the competitor is there you can essentially drop the equipment at any time. However, we will not allow you to drive kayaks directly to the beach after 7:45am.
A: Volunteers will be monintoring the transition zones for equipment drop offs and pick up at the following times;
Leg 2 – Stand Up Paddle: 4:30am
  • A volunteer will be on station until 8:00am at the finish of the paddle.  After 8:00am if your paddle board is still at the beach it will be left and race management will not be held responsible.
Leg 4 – Kayak: 6am
  • A volunteer will be on station until 12pm at the finish of the kayak.  After 12pm if your kayak is still at the beach it will be left and race management will not be held responsible.
Leg 5 – Bike Drop: 4:30am

General Facts About Race the State

Race the State is a multi-sport race that challenges competitors to race across a U.S. state. The 2018 race will span Rhode Island August 5th. Race the State is made up of multiple legs involving four different disciplines: running, paddle boarding, kayaking & cycling. You can compete as an individual, 2, 3, 4 or 5-person team.
Date & Time:
The race starts Sunday, August 5th at 5:30am
The Course 
CLICK HERE for an interactive course map to plan your route.
Leg 1: 4.5 Mile Run – South Shore Beach, Little Compton to Taylors Lane Beach, Little Compton
Leg 2: 2.5 Mile SUP – Taylors Lane, Little Compton to 3rd Beach, Middletown
Leg 3: 7.6 Mile Run – 3rd Beach, Middletown to Fort Adams, Newport
Leg 4: 5.6 Mile Kayak – Fort Adams to Narragansett with a portage in Jamestown
Leg 5: 29.5 Mile Bike – Narragansett to Westerly (1 mile untimed)
Race Day Transportation
This is an event that spans the entire state of Rhode Island and as you will not be returning to the various leg start or finish lines throughout the race. We STRONGLY recommend you have a support team in place to assist with collecting equipment after each leg. We will posts a detailed transportation guide in the coming months so you can properly plan your race route.

Packet Pick Up and Equipment Inspection

  • There are now two days for you to pick up your packet. If there is an extenuating circumstance that will prevent you from picking up your packet at one of the times noted below, please email Julianna@ManukaSEM.com to discuss your options. We will allow packet pick up on race day on a case by case basis, but you MUST notify us in advance.
  • You will need to provide your paddle board and kayak for inspection to insure they meet the safety requirements of the race.
  • If you are racing as a team, one member of your team can pick up the packet for everyone.

Packet Pick Up Times and Location
Friday, August 3rd – 1p-6p
Saturday, August 4th – 2p-5p

URI Graduate School of Oceanography
215 South Ferry Road
Narragansett, RI

For paddle boards: we will not allow inflatable boards in the race
For kayaks: you must have an open water kayak: either a touring or sit on top model will work, we recommend a skirt.

Relay Team Information
You can have a different team member for each leg of the race! We will accept relay teams of 2, 3, 4 and 5 people.
Racing as an Individual?
That’s great! We’re stoked to have individuals taking on the entire state. However, given that this is as much a logistical race as it is an endurance event, we want to remind you that you will need a support crew to drop off and collect your equipment along the way. Be sure to read through each leg detail breakdown and make sure your support crew is familiar with where to go and when to be there.
SUP Paddle Board Information
Race Management will not be transporting paddle boards to the paddle start or finish. It will be your support team’s responsibility to drop your board off in advance and pick it up on completion of the leg.
Waste & Trash
Race the State seeks to keep each city and town it visits as clean as it was before we arrived. To that end, this will be a zero tolerance event with regard to trash and waste. Any gel packs, goo, water bottles or other waste is the sole responsibility of the competitor. NO Exceptions. Race Management reserves the right to disqualify any competitor or team violating this rule.

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Race the State is on August 6, 2017