Kayaks for Open Water!

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Kayaks for Open Water!

Have you been wondering if your kayak is fit for Race the State?  Below are guidelines on what we will be looking for in your kayak on race day!  Don’t forget you will need a PFD (personal flotation device/life jacket) as well!

There are two options for kayaks that are acceptable: touring and sit on top. 

An open water kayak should have “Two Bulkheads” or can be a “Sit on Top”.



To see more about the Touring Kayak Click HERE

Sit on Top:


To see more about the Touring Kayak Click HERE

In 2017 we have multiple companies offering kayak and SUP rentals. To see more information about equipment rentals click HERE

We strongly recommend you familiarize yourself with the tides for the day and the kayak race course as you will be crossing Narragansett Bay.

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March 1, 2016at 7:18 pm

I bought a used 16 foot necky from them years ago. It was a good deal and got me into sea kayikang. I was also able to sell it a few years later for about what I paid.JOE

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